Private Lessons and Mini Workshops.......

Wednesday, June 27, 2012
Well it was something I never said I would do but I have to say I am really enjoying it.  Its great helping people one on one fix some issue and great to see them leave excited to want to work with their dog.

Because the privates have been pretty successful, I am now going to put on mini workshops.  They will be approx. every 2 - 3 months only each with a different subject and will have a Maximum of 6 people.  They will only be for 3 hours as well which is enough to learn something without being to long. Location will be at my place in Cambewarra, NSW

So the first Mini Session will be


August 11th from 9 am to 12 pm.  $50 per handler

We will cover all the stuff you should have done and teach the dogs "how" to jump.  Dropped bars will be a thing of the past, so will blasting past you as well where you are screaming to catchup.  For those slow pokes, we will show you how to get them to drive to you and get the focus back on fun.

Lots of drills that you can teach a new dog - or an old one.  Each handler can work multiple dogs but only one dog per rotation.

Minimum of 4 people and Maximun of 6

email me at for more info or to book your spot and we will put something up on the web site soon.  There is scope for a second class that day from 1 - 4 if there is enough interest.


A long overdue update......

Saturday, May 12, 2012
Must be a thing with blogs. I just never get around to updating them. On the other hand we have been super super busy with next to no time for anything. Late nights, early mornings and lots of adrenaline. We had our first real run under trial conditions on Thursday for the regional grand Prix qualifier and steeplechase. Raya did great and we got 2 qualifys and she placed 4th in the GP and 5th in the steeplechase. We made the finals and has a problem when I hooked her the wrong way over a jump but it was a good course to figure that out on. Yesterday was day 1 of the WAC and we had a great day. We will call yesterday the "one hit wonders" as we got. Fault in each round. Round 1 was snooker and she did great. She did decide after she Wrapped a jump that apperently I may Ned that jump later so she literally ran back behind the jump and took it. She is so considerate. We still placed 9th with only half a course completed. Second run was agility. Well what can I say. AWESOME run. Super fast and clean, until the judge ran towards her on the contact to judge it and she stopped dead still. The judge moved to the end of the contact to watch the contact and she just didn't like her so jumped off sidewards. She picked up the rest of the course fats and clean. The results showed that even with he dead stop and time wasting that she was only 2 secons behind 3rd place and 3 seconds behind 2nd place. So a should a, could a , would a run. But what a great feeling going into the next 2 days with that's sort of performance. Then as a last minute addition, she was needed for a team jumping run and there was a huge long straigh that we had to run. The problem was my mind was telling my body to stop but my legs were going so fast they didn't hear and I encroached on her path so she mised the weave entrance. Still, only got 1 fault and the team is sitting really well. It's day 2, we have just been handed today's courses which are gamblers ( I hate gamblers) agility for teams and jumping. So I'll log off, look at the course and get ready for day 2............ Today I learnt that give it 100% no matter what you do, and you can walk with your head held high. Sorry for any spelling mistakes but I am on teh iPad so I am not going back to change them.

The princess has landed......

Monday, May 7, 2012
hmmm....thats right. I was so tired the other night I only went into half of the sight seeing the team has done. On Friday we went down to Dallas and went to the book depository 6th floor meuseum where JFK was assasinated. There is even a big X in the middle of the road where he was hit and it was very educational. We then went to a glass blown exhibit in the botanic gardens by Chulay ( I think it was called). Was much nicer than it sounds and My photos wont be uploaded until I get back. So fast forward to Sat night. About 9 pm a car arrived carrying a very special princess on board called Raya. Funny you know as you try out for the team, go through the selection process and then it dawns on you. Out there Somewhere is a little dog with my name on it that I have no idea of who it is, and they have no idea what an important part of my life they will play. That little dog for me turned out to be a little silver Poodle called Raya - who I got to meet on Sat night. I have to say, she is very striking to look at and has the most insightful eyes. Turns out Miss Raya is from Germany and had a personality much bigger than her size. That was evident with the walks down the hall way last night where she decided that she knew exactly where she wanted to go and really -my imput was not required as we were going raya's way. She is staying with me the entire time thats to her wonderful owner who saw the need to ensure we had a long time to get to know each other during that week. I have to say, that it is a brilliant thing to happen as I am really seeing into this huge personality in this tiny body. I guess the first sign of what I will refer to as "raya's way" was when I woke up and found a poodle in my arms. We both slept right through ( she had an 11 hour car trip to get to us and I was up since 4am as I could not sleep the night before) until 8.30 am. We went out to the toilet and apparently the grass at the hotel - as neat as it is, is not to her liking so we actually dont want to walk on there unless we absolutly have to. Then I had to rush down to breakfast so I put her in her crate and headed out the door. Well I got about 2 doors down until you heard this screaming as if she was beign murdered. Now usually I would say deal with it, but in a hotel of 180 rooms, I thought I had better go back and address her. I walked into the room to see a very happy tail wagging pup bowing down saying "I dont think so lady" I am comign to. Raya came to breakfast and thankfully Billie ( another team member took her and put Raya in her room with Rayas brother ( so to speak) called Sonic. So there ends my peaceful breakfasts. We then headed up to the training grounds which was an hour and a half away. Well that is how long its suppose to take, not the 4 hours it took us to get home from there the day before when a truck took out a road bridge. It was hot, and I got to run her in a few sequences which she did well at. her mum was there and she kept running to her but I was not concerned with that at all as today was more about getting help from Suzzane and finding out cues, and distance rather than try to run her for speed and accuracy. I did have some great work from her before her mum arrived and with the indoor airconditioned stadium and her mum not around we should have a great time together. Tomorow we are training at an indoor training center which will be great and much better than the heat today ( about 93). Raya can cope with the heat but for me its a little hot. Anyway, its 10.30 pm and we get to sleep in tomorrow and that is a good thing as we are both very tired and as I type this sitting on an office chair, I am unable to sit back as I have a tiny silver back pillow that has actully taken up the whole seat and is snoring. So its really like sitting on a massage pillow that vibrates with each breath. So in a nut shell, I had spent many many months wondering what do was going to be a part of this chapter of my life and I am wrapped and thrilled with the dog that the dog god sent me. I am not excited, I am not nervous - to word it perfectly - I am content. This is Natalie and raya signing off looking forward to our big adventure together and are ready for what ever will be thrown at us.

The Aussie\'s have landed......

Saturday, May 5, 2012
Well I guess it has bee a few days since I left and with the promise of regular updates well lets just say I forgot about Jet lag.

The trip over was pretty much 24 hours long from the time I left home to hotel check in. Next to no sleep on the plane but that was to be expected. I think I had1 hour in the total 24 hours.

That might explain why I was up at 4 am online changing over my boots that I had delivered that were the wrong size and also why I was in the gym running at 5.45.

We have been on the hop since we arrived. Shopping on Thursday with a body scan to figure out which size clothes to buy and a chocolate dipped strawberry from Godvia ( something I was hanging for) and a very happy trip to the disney store for my disney stock up.

Then we followed up on that trip with a journey down to Dallas on the train to watch the NBA playoffs with Dallas playing Oklahoma. What a brilliant night and a real experience. It was a late night and needless to say, I crashed big time and had the first full nights sleep since we left.
Anyway, much more exciting adventures when I have woken up a bit more ( which hopefully will be tomorrow) Shame I cant add photos to the blogs but it wont let me - Oh well - I am sure you\'ll live.

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